New Voices


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A collection of smartphone films presented under the MINA New Voices, curated by Max Schleser.

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Films in the collection:
1. Oneiros by Alexey Belov (05:24)

2. DeReality by Louis Prandolini (02:45)

3. In My Head by Phoenix Sherman (02:27)

4. Insomnia by Isaac Baker (02:37)

5. Detached. By Isabelle Broadbent (03:07)

6. Insomnolence by John Ross (02:38)

7. Reflector by Declan Scott (03:27)

8. The Pieces of Other People by Rosie King (02:47)

9. If I Knew This was the Last Time I'd See You by Lily Newcombe (02:44)

10. Flicker by Jodhi Ramson Mavric (03:20)

Image credit: "The Pieces of Other People" - Rosie King

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