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The city was quiet and hauntingly beautiful. Peace flooded the places that, before, had noisy crowds. We were experiencing the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the environment on the subway was not different. A place that used to be flooded with people became an empty place that invited us to a parenthesis, a PAUSE to think and reflect...

About the film

Director's Statement:

It was a special moment for all. Almost without realizing it, our life changed. “A new way of living,” they said. Forced to leave confinement to receive medical treatment due to an accident. I traveled by subway to different stations in the city. Being there, I couldn't help the strange feeling of being almost by myself in a place that used to be synonymous with crowding.

At that moment, I decided to capture images of the lonely people in the subway. These images and the voices in the film invite us to rethink and reflect on important aspects of living. Which, unfortunately, under normal circumstances, we forget or overlook.


  • Direction: Marcelo Ignacio Lagreze
  • Producer: Marcelo Ignacio Lagreze
  • Camera: Marcelo Ignacio Lagreze
  • Editing: Marcelo Ignacio Lagreze
  • Sound Postproduction: Alejandra Oyarce
  • Music: Maxence Cyrin - Where is My Mind - The Pixies Piano cover
  • Voices: Alejandra Oyarce, Marcelo Lagrez
  • Writer: Marcelo Lagreze
  • Graphic Design: Oannes Federico Lagreze
  • Technical Support Jorge Diaz

Shot with iPhone Xr

Santiago de Chile, July 2021

About the author